About Me

I am a PhD Candidate in the Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship department at University of Minnesota.

My research interests lie in the areas of nonmarket strategy, corporate philanthropy, and social movement.

In this research stream, I have a publication and a conditionally accepted manuscript, both in Strategic Management Journal.
The latter work was recognized with the Distinguished Paper Award from the Academy of Management’s STR Division,
as well as the Outstanding Paper Award from the Annual Conference of Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability.

My dissertation examines the understudied phenomenon of corporate advocacy giving
(i.e., donations to advocacy nonprofits such as activist groups and think tanks).
Its first chapter received the 2019 Robert J. Litschert Award from the STR Division in the Academy of Management.
In the second chapter (Job market paper), I examine the dynamics of ideological competition in advocacy giving.

You can find my CV here.


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